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Gimli’s 1.33 mile road race track…Manitoba’s best kept secret!

Have the need for speed? Enjoy watching racing and wish you could get closer to the action? Are you fired up about door to door racing with other competitors on a closed course? Do you need a place to let your car loose safely and without the worry of speeding tickets?

Then, have we got an outlet for you!

Stage 1:

Be a lurker in the pits: If you’re not an annual club member pay a modest daily membership fee (currently $10) and come and hang out at the track, see the action and get infected with the racing bug. Come and get acquainted, join us in the pits.

Stage 2:

Watching not enough? Want to get closer to the action? Come and work a corner. Become a club member and work a racing event only feet from the track. Don’t be shy. On the job training and lunch are provided. Best seat in the house.

Stage 3:

Has the racing bug developed and taken over? You can’t beat it so you might as well give in. Come for a lapping day or take the High Performance Driving School and join a Time Attack event on. Bring your street car out of the barn for some safe, controlled, high speed driving thrills. Beware! This stage of the racing bug is contagious to your buddies who join you at the track.

Stage 4:

Have to race? Need the challenge and excitement of door to door action that only legal, sanctioned racing can provide? Build your own race car to meet Western Canada Motorsport Association regulation and race with us. Tune yourself and your car and pass your competition as you head for the checkered flag. There is no better rush in grassroots racing.

Wherever you reside on the scale, we offer a friendly atmosphere to get started in and all are welcome to spend the weekend with free track-side camping and camaraderie.

For more information on how to get involved, contact

See you at the track!