The most fun you can legally and safely have with your street car.

Hotlapping is the most accessible and affordable activity offered by the Winnipeg Sports Car Club. Minimal requirements:

  • Club Membership: $60/year
  • Hotlap fee: $120/day
  • well maintained car, street car with hard top or convertible with OEM roll hoop
  • vehicle must be wider than tall
  • mini-schools to help you learn track skills, instructors available
  • helmet required, rentals available
  • safe environment:
    • flag marshals to warn of danger
    • no passing except on the straights
    • speed limit for novices
    • after 3 or 4 sessions, get an instructor to up grade out of novice group, lifting the speed limit

Check out the Hotlap Forum for more details

Hotlapping on 2019-07-06