High Performance Driving Education (HPDE)

The most fun you can legally and safely have with your street car.

HPDE is the most accessible and affordable activity offered by the Winnipeg Sports Car Club. Minimal requirements:

  • Club Membership: $75/year
  • HPDE fee: $125/day
  • well maintained car, street car with hard top or convertible with OEM roll hoop
  • vehicle must be wider than tall
  • mini-schools to help you learn track skills, instructors available
  • helmet required, rentals available
  • safe environment:
    • flag marshals to warn of danger
    • no passing except on the straights
    • speed limit for novices
    • after 3 or 4 sessions, get an instructor to up grade out of novice group, lifting the speed limit

Check out the HPDE Forum for more details