Welcome to the most fun you can have with four wheels on ice!
Join us for some sanctioned Ice Racing action in Manitoba

In many parts of our country the Motorsport enthusiasts are winding down as the temperatures drop, in our area we are just getting started!

Check MSR or the Events Calendar for the 2019 event dates and info.

fire on ice

So, how does all this Ice Racing work?

The race cars are separated into classes mostly by tire type. Studded and Rubber to Ice (RTI). The RTI cars run DOT winter ice spec tires commonly found on the family sedan. These cars have NO studs and rely heavily on the driver’s skill and endurance. The other class of cars is called Studded and the vehicle is designed for a race studded tire which is not your normal street studs. These cars run faster and benefit more from a prepped car. This year there is an interest in AWD cars with the addition of Xa to the RTI class.

Generally, all Ice Cars are front wheel drive due to limited availability of light weight RWD cars.

Neither class is very expensive car to setup, compared to ones in other forms of racing. You can expect to get over an hour of seat time during a race weekend for a small entrance fee. There are specs that we have for building a car so contact us first before starting on your own as we can save a pile of work in the long run.

If you are interested in more information on building a car or on the classes please feel free to contact us at ice@wscc.mb.ca