What is Autocross/Autoslalom?

The most accessible, dynamic and educational way to race in Winnipeg. Autocross is a timed motorsport competition that rewards intense concentration and finely tuned car control skills.

Drivers navigate one at a time through a course defined by traffic cones, usually on airport runways or in large parking lots. While top speeds tend to be lower than other forms of motorsport, the activity level per lap (measured in turns per minute), can be higher than even an F1 driver’s due to the number of elements and corners packed into each course! Course design changes every event which creates a fresh new challenge every time. Depending on course length, drivers will have anywhere from 4 to 6 laps to put down their best time for the race day.


The low barrier for entry makes autocross the most accessible gateway to performance driving. There are classes for all car types at an autocross event. From completely stock dailydriven compact cars to fully race-prepared formula race machines, an autocross grid is made up of both extremes and everything in between. Cars are grouped into classes according to their level of preparation and relative performance, and a PAX system is calculated to compare times across all classes. Wear and tear on consumables such as brake pads and tires are extremely low in the world of motorsport. The affordable price of entry makes autocross an easy choice for causal or serious drivers alike.


Autocross is one of the safest disciplines in motorsport, allowing drivers to push their cars and skills to the edge of performance in a controlled open space. Buffing out a few rubber cone marks is the biggest threat to an autoxer! The only safety equipment required is a helmet (with loaners on-site), seat belts, and a car in proper working condition.


Whether you’re starting from scratch or an experienced national championship competitor — autocross is the best playground to develop your performance driving skill sets and push them to new levels. With a friendly low-pressure environment that prioritizes fun and learning, our onsite instruction and ride-alongs make for a comfortable experience full of insight and support for any driver. Beyond reinforcing performance driving fundamentals, autocross pushes the experienced driver’s car control to the limit at all times, requiring rapid metal processing skill sets to be the fastest.

If you have a driver’s license and a safe running car, you qualify to take part in our inclusive motorsport community because we believe autocross is for everyone.

Want to learn more? Check out this short documentary about Autocross.

Registration & Event Notes

Online event registration is done through Simply go there to get the full list of WSCC Winnipeg Autocross events (as they are updated), click the link to the event you are interested in, and follow the instructions to register. Events are typically posted 14 days before the event date and contain details such as pricing, event schedule, food vendors and more. See the WSCC Calendar for various  racing discipline events.

Season Schedule

Check out the season schedule here or follow Winnipeg Autoslalom on Instagram and Facebook to stay up-to-date on upcoming events, schedules, and our autocross community!


Valid WSCC annual members (or any WCMA clubs)

Pre-registration Online: $35
Event day registration Online: $60


Pre-registration Online: $45
Event day registration Online: $60

All registration must be completed on

Event Day Schedule

11 PM (night before): Pre-registration Online Closes
9 AM: Gate Opens
9:30 – 10:30 AM: Check- in
9:30 – 10:45 AM: Course Walking Opens
10:00 – 10:45 AM: Meeting & Guided Course Walk
10:45 – 11 AM: Drivers Meeting
11 AM: Racing Begins

We have a 30-minute lunch break after the 1st run group. The length of the run groups is dependent on the number of competitors.


During the event, we will be running either a 5 or 6 run format (depending on track layout). Points will be earned toward the Winnipeg Autocross 2022 Season Championship from the competition portion of the event.

Following the event, every registered driver has the opportunity to take unofficial bonus runs. A minimum of 12 participants are necessary to accommodate the bonus runs.

Performance Driving School 2023

We will be bringing back our beloved Performance Driving School this season (finally!). Stay tuned for more details during our mid-season this summer.

Additional Information

We have an active online forum. If you have any questions, please register, and ask a question in the relevant forum topic at

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