The official schedule for 2017 Autoslalom series has been released! See below.

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Season Schedule

All events are posted on MotorsportsReg (MSR Calendar HERE) and contain the details for that particular event such as pricing, event schedule and membership requirements. Please note that the Club Event is typically hosted by either the BMW Club or Porsche Club and they will post details about their event through their own channels.

We kick off the year on Saturday April 29 with a Test and Tune. We will be running timing but the event will not count towards season points. If you have never been to autoslalom before this is the perfect time to try it out. These events are a little more casual and you get a lot of seat time. This year we are going to run things a little more like an actual event so those of you that have been out before, expect a slight change.

Event Day Date Location Food Vendor
Test and Tune Sat Apr 29 St. Andrews Airport Tiki Dogs
1 Sun Apr 30 St. Andrews Airport Tiki Dogs
2 Sat May 6 St. Andrews Airport Tiki Dogs
3 Sat May 13 St. Andrews Airport Tiki Dogs
4 Sat May 27 Gimli Motorsports Park ?
Level 1 School Sat Jun 3 St. Andrews Airport
5 Sun Jun 4 St. Andrews Airport Tiki Dogs
6 Sat Jun 10 St. Andrews Airport Island Fusion
7 Sun Jun 11 St. Andrews Airport Tiki Dogs
8 Sat Jul 8 St. Andrews Airport Tiki Dogs
Level 2 School Sat Jul 15 St. Andrews Airport
9 Sun Jul 16 St. Andrews Airport Tiki Dogs
Test and Tune Sat Jul 29 St. Andrews Airport Tiki Dogs
10 Sun Jul 30 St. Andrews Airport Island Fusion
Club Event Sat Aug 12 St. Andrews Airport
11 Sun Aug 13 St. Andrews Airport Tiki Dogs
12 Sun Aug 20 Gimli Motorsports Park ?
13 Sat Aug 26 St. Andrews Airport Tiki Dogs
14 Sat Sep 9 St. Andrews Airport Tiki Dogs
15 Sat Sep 16 St. Andrews Airport Tiki Dogs
16 Sun Sep 17 St. Andrews Airport Tiki Dogs
17 Sat Sep 30 St. Andrews Airport Tiki Dogs
18 Sun Oct 1 St. Andrews Airport Tiki Dogs

Regular Event Schedule

For our regular events at St. Andrew’s Airport this our normal schedule. Please note that Test and Tunes, Schools and our events at Gimli Motorsports Park have different schedules, however, you can find those details at MotorsportsReg.

12:00 am – Early registration closed
9:00 am – Gates open
9:30 am – Driver check-in & late registration. Course open for course-walks.
10:00 am – Check-in and registration closed.

No competitors will be accepted after 10:00 am!
10:15 am – Novice course walk (Mandatory for first time participants)
10:45 am – Drivers meeting
11:00 am – Competition begins
Lunch after 1st heat (approx 12:45 pm – 1:15 pm)


Individual event results will typically be made available the day after an event. Season standings will be updated after every race weekend.

We now have live results available online during an event. Though these are unofficial until our crew has had a chance to review everything at the end of the day and sort out any mistakes or technical glitches, they are usually quite accurate. We encourage spectators at the event to follow along on their smartphones, it adds to the excitement of the live racing. Anyone can also follow along at home if you are unable to make it to the event. As a reminder, drivers are not allowed to view their smartphones or any other distractions while working the course, or (obviously) while driving. 🙂

Live Results can be found at

2017 Autoslalom Results:

Class Results

Overall PAX Results

What is Autoslalom?

Fast. Cheap. Fun.

Also known as solo racing and more commonly “autocross,” autoslalom is a timed motorsport competition that rewards intense concentration, car control skills, and vehicle handling. Drivers navigate one at a time through a course defined by traffic cones, usually in large parking lots or on airport runways. While speeds tend to be lower than other forms of motorsports, usually not exceeding 100 km/h, the activity level (measured in turns per minute) can be higher than even Formula One due to the number of elements packed into each course. Courses are different at each event and every driver gets three or four attempts to put down their best time.

Cars are classed according to their level of preparation and relative performance. There are classes for all types of cars from stock econo-boxes to fully race-prepared formula cars, though most local competitors drive stock or slightly modified daily-driven sport cars and sedans. The only safety equipment required is a helmet, seat belts, and a car in proper working condition.

Autoslalom is an excellent way to develop your driving skills and is very affordable compared to other motorsports. Aside from some extra tire wear and the occasional cone mark (they buff out), a season of autoslalom puts less wear and tear on a vehicle than a Winnipeg winter!

Want to learn more? Check out this short documentary about autoslalom.


Autoslalom Schools

We will be hosting a couple of autoslalom-oriented high performance driving schools in 2017.

Level 1 – Saturday, June 3, 2017

Level 2 – Saturday, July 15, 2017

Watch the forums for more details.


We typically host 2 schools each year:

Level 1 is ideal for novices, but very useful for veterans as well. It’s great as an introduction to the sport and also provides much seat time to practice the fundamentals with personalized instruction

Level 2 is designed for racers with at least 2 seasons of autoslalom under their belts, and works on the finer details of at-the-limit driving and event execution.

Interested in a private school? We can tailor the curriculum to you! Minimum 12 students required. Contact us for more information.

Registration & Event Notes

Online registration will be the same as last year, using our online partners at Motorsportreg (MSR). Simply go to to get the full list of WSCC Autoslalom events, and follow the instructions from there. Events will be posted as soon as the schedule is confirmed.

Plan on attending your first autoslalom in Winnipeg? For more information on how to register, please see our step-by-step Registration Guide.


Race for as little as $25 when you pre-register and pre-pay!

Regular Events

  • $35 per event for WSCC members*
  • $5 discount for early registration (on MSR)
  • $5 discount for online payment (on MSR)
  • Non-members add $10 for a daily membership

Autoslalom Schools

Each school costs $150 per student and includes free entry to the next autoslalom event. There is a $10 discount for all WSCC members.*

*WSCC memberships can be purchased or renewed on, or in person.

Test and Tunes

The Test and Tunes are typically open to WSCC members and cost $50.


  1. Pull up to the registration table
  2. Sign the waiver, grab a wristband and put it on your left wrist (it makes it easy for the person working the start line to see it)
  3. Check your run group and grid range (take note that co-driven cars are located at the start of their respective group)
  4. Park your car in any grid spot in the appropriate range
  5. When check-in opens (usually 9:30 am):
    1. Hand in your completed car safety tech sheet* if you have not already completed it online. Please print and complete the tech sheet before coming to the event. Note: the tech sheet can be completed on MSR when you pre-register online. We highly prefer that you do this.
    2. Check in or register for the event
    3. If you didn’t pre-pay online, make your cash payment
    4. Take a course map
  6. Sign up for a work duty

*All participants are responsible for going through the tech sheet before the event. Random inspections may take place.

Other Helpful Information

We have a very active online forum. If you have any questions, please register and ask a question in the relevant forum topic.

Here are some quick links:


2017 Supplemental Regulations

Self-tech declaration form – Note: you can complete this online through MSR if you pre-register. The paper version is only required if you do not register online.